Ductless Mini Split AC Installation

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Convenient, Efficient HVAC Systems

Sometimes, your home or business HVAC system can’t reach a certain area that needs conditioning. This is common with room additions or external garages. If you have a room that isn’t connected to your existing duct work, then ductless mini split AC installation may be the solution to your problems. A mini split is a good system for taking care of your climate control needs for individual spaces or handling the heating and cooling needs of an entire household. If you’re looking for more information about the benefits of mini split AC systems in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT, get in touch with the Main Street Heating and Cooling team at 801-930-5151.

Benefits of a Mini Split

Ductless mini split AC installation is a great choice for someone who wants an energy efficient way to heat or cool a room in or near their home or office. Did you know that leaky ducts are responsible for hundreds of dollars in extra energy costs each year? According to the Department of Energy, “Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning…” Because mini split AC systems don’t require duct lines to function, they lose almost none of the created cool air.

These systems are also sleek and don’t look as bulky as window mounted air conditioners. They are designed so that to be placed on drop ceilings or mounted on walls for your convenience. Mini split systems are also incredibly effective at heating or cooling specific zones in your home or business. That’s good news if you live or work with someone who likes a warm room, but you’d rather cool off. Mini split units simply make your living or working conditions much more convenient! Most modern mini split AC systems are remote-controlled. That means you never have to get up from your bed again to turn the air conditioner settings up or down.

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Putting a mini split in your room is a clear choice for energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience. Our team is also available for ductless mini split AC repair just in case something goes wrong. So if you’re looking for alternatives to central heating or air conditioning, it’s time to consider the benefits of mini split AC systems. For more information about mini split AC systems or ductless mini split AC repair for your home or business in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT, contact the expert HVAC technicians of Main Street Heating and Cooling at  801-930-5151 for more information today!