Seasonal Safety Inspections

HVAC Technician Examines Industrial HVAC System

Ensuring Safety & Functionality

Experts recommend going to the doctor for regular check ups. This makes sense, as the human body is a series of working parts and systems that have to be in sync to function properly. Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, or HVAC, systems are also a series of working components, systems, and electronics, so it stands to reason that would also benefit from regular checkups. If you’re interested in seasonal safety inspections for the HVAC equipment in your home or office in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT, give Main Street Heating and Cooling a call at  801-930-5151 to learn more!

Timing Your Safety Inspections

Many HVAC installers provide seasonal safety inspections that follow the expert-recommended schedule of having your HVAC system checked twice a year. That’s one check up for your air conditioner in the spring, and one check up for your furnace in the fall. The times may vary, but the point is to ensure that your HVAC systems get all of the proper care that they need so they won’t break down when you need them most. A trained HVAC professional will inspect your air conditioner or furnace to check for inefficiencies and part failures. Once they’ve gotten the full picture of your system’s health, they can perform all the necessary part replacements and cleaning.

Heating Care

Furnaces and Heaters

Seasonal safety inspections ensure that your air conditioner and furnace get all of the maintenance required to continue functioning efficiently and safely. When you get a professional to conduct the recommended seasonal assessments, you’re getting a convenient package of services all rolled into one. When we inspect your furnace or other heating unit, we’ll…

  • Clean the blower motor
  • Change your air filter
  • Check and tighten wiring connections
  • Adjust your gas valve (if your furnace is a natural gas unit)
  • Confirm safety features and temperature changes
  • Inspect the igniter (if applicable),
  • Clean your flame sensor and burners
  • Examine and clean the circuit board

Not every furnace will require each of these services, but we’re trained and capable of providing them when required.

Air Conditioner Care

Air Conditioner Safety Care

When it comes to comprehensive care for your air conditioner, we provide similar services. Our care package includes:

  • Cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils
  • Examining and changing the filter
  • Checking for loose wires and tightening wiring connections
  • Tidying the unit and cleaning drain lines
  • Assessing safety features and temperature changes
  • Measuring Freon levels and inspecting for coolant leaks
  • Treating the coil pan to block mildew and mold growth

It’s our hope that providing these services will help us catch any potential malfunctions in your AC or furnace before they become big problems. Cleaning the blowers and changing the filters will prevent most of the basic problems that spring up in your HVAC systems. When we check for loose wires and re-tighten the electrical components, that ensures that your air conditioner or furnace isn’t in any danger of fire.

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These safety inspections prevent most of the potential small issues that keep your air conditioners and furnaces from operating effectively. So consider the benefits of recommended seasonal checkups for your air conditioner and furnace. For more information about seasonal safety inspections in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT, contact the HVAC specialists of Main Street Heating and Cooling at 801-930-5151 today!