Whole House Humidifiers

An Isolated Humidifier Attempts to Moisten a Room

Comfort, on a Larger Scale

As homeowners, we often forget how much our property and health rely on stable, balanced humidity. Without the right level of ambient moisture, furniture begins to crack and warp. Skin starts to itch and blister more readily. In other words: low humidity makes for an uncomfortable home!

That’s where humidifiers come into play. Portable humidifiers provide some help. However, room-sized products only offer room-sized relief for your home and family. At Main Street Heating and Cooling, our Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT whole house humidifier installation service supplies outstanding results for your entire home! To learn more, simply talk with an expert at 801-930-5151.

How Whole Home Humidifiers Work

System Types

Two Types of Humidifiers

Most humidifiers offered in the residential market fall into two distinct categories: bypass and power.

Bypass models rely on your existing heating and cooling system to drive moisture throughout the house. This, of course, requires healthy duct work; leaky ducts would only waist air and power. Bypass models often provide some customization settings, making it easier to find a moisture level that’s comfortable for you.

Power humidifiers, on the other hand, utilize their own electric power source. They generally enjoy higher moisture capacity levels, making them more adept at conditioning large properties. Because of their self-sustaining electric fans, power humidifiers don’t require a running HVAC system to circulate moisture.

System Types

Crucial Benefits of Balanced Moisture

If you’ve ever used a portable humidifier, you understand the soothing power that moisture has for your lungs, sinuses, nasal cavity, eyes, and skin. Dry air inflicts all kinds of punishing ailments, such as nose bleeds and itchy skin. During the dry seasons, you could be stuck in the living room, huddled around the portable moisture system. Or…you could enjoy the house-wide benefits of a whole home solution.

Of course, there are other crucial benefits to explore. Dried out wood flooring and furniture heavily rely on sufficient moisture levels. When the air in your home is too dry, it draws moisture from surfaces throughout the house. Unless you like creaky floor boards and damaged furniture, a humidifier greatly helps.

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