Common Air Conditioning Problems & Solutions

When blazing temperatures hit, your air conditioner unit is your saving grace. Nothing feels worse than having it blitz out on you without warning. A lot can go wrong with an air conditioner, but unless the unit is a dinosaur, common problems can usually be resolved. In some instances, you can troubleshoot and fix the issue yourself, but most HVAC problems require the knowledge of a pro.

Air Conditioning Unit Not Blowing Cold Air

When your AC unit is not blowing cold air, it’s possible your refrigerant needs recharging. The refrigerant is a chemical inside the unit that helps cool the air. Typically, this substance never needs recharging unless there is a leak causing the chemical level to decline. So in addition to having a professional recharge the refrigerant, he or she needs to find the leak and fix it.

Simply having the refrigerant recharged is only a short-term solution. At best, it will only get you through the summer. If a leak is left to fester, it can cause bigger and more expensive problems down the line, so repairing it is likely in your best interest.

Air Conditioning Condenser Won’t Run

The condenser works via a condensation process. It takes hot gaseous vapors and cools it into liquid form. The heat gets moved through the coils and is then released into the air. If the condenser won’t run, there is no way your air conditioner will cool properly.

Before you start ripping your unit apart, check your thermostat to make sure it is turned on and set to a temperature that’s lower than the temperature in the room. If adjusting the thermostat doesn’t do the trick, check to see if there is debris blocking the condenser.

Since the condenser on your unit is outside, leaves, sticks, rocks, and other debris can get inside of the cabinet and damage the components. Cleaning the condenser may solve the problem. You can open the condenser cabinet and remove the debris yourself. However, if you don’t know the first thing about the inner workings of an HVAC unit, calling a professional will save you a headache. If you insist on cleaning it yourself, turn the electrical power to the unit off first.

If cleaning the condenser doesn’t solve the issue, the problem is probably electrical. Failures in the wiring, electrical relays and capacitors are complicated to diagnose and fix, so hiring a technician to tackle this task is best.

Air Conditioning Unit Repeatedly Turns Off

If your unit shuts off and on, a dirty air filter could be to blame. A filthy filter restricts air flow and can cause your air conditioner to cut off and on repeatedly. You can remove the filter yourself and clean it with a vacuum and soapy water. Let the filter dry completely before putting it back in.

Some units will capture moisture and cause the water tank to fill up. This can also be the culprit of your air conditioner shutting off and on. There is typically an indicator light that comes on when the water tank is full. To resolve this problem, simply empty the tank.

In addition, if its’ terribly hot outside, your unit may turn off and on because there is not enough air moving through it. If this is the problem, turning up the fan speed will solve it.

An AC unit is composed of many components. For this reason, it is often hard to identify the cause of some issues. Having your AC unit serviced once a year can help detect problems before they get out of hand. Most units will last around 13 to 15 years. If your air conditioner is 15 years or older, consider investing in a new one.

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