Supported HVAC Brands in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT

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Servicing Your Major HVAC Brands

Have you ever scheduled service with a local company, only to find out they don’t support your personal brands? At Main Street Heating and Cooling, we strive to meet all your repair, retrofit, installation, and replacement needs. In pursuit of that goal, we’ve trained heavily with practically all the major brands. As a result, our certified HVAC technicians provide better, longer lasting results that almost any other local company!

Want to see if we support your HVAC brands in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT? Give our friendly team a call at 801-930-5151 and ask about our brands! You can also check out our list below.

What Brand Support Means for You

Because our technicians research, train with, and service these HVAC brands, it allows us to provide our solutions to just about anyone. Local homeowners and businesses alike can come to our team for trustworthy heating and cooling services. After all, if we are going to provide you service, we want you to be 100% satisfied with the results!

But what does that mean for you, as a homeowner or business?

Faster Service

Faster Results, With Expert Service

You can expect detailed insights into the workings and function of your HVAC system. Even experienced professionals can have problems with brands they aren’t familiar with! Having an expert makes all the difference.

Knowing the ins and outs of these branded products also allows our technicians to quickly identify and treat problems. By familiarizing ourselves with the common difficulties and part failures associated with each model, our team provides better results during our repair services. See what other homeowners and companies have to say about our results in the reviews section!

More Parts

Broader HVAC Parts Reserve

While your heating and cooling systems as a whole may last for decades, individual parts may fail long before that lengthy lifetime ends. One of the reasons our team can provide such prompt repair service is our extensive replacement parts reserve. Have you ever been stuck waiting for days without air conditioning because your previous HVAC company didn’t stock parts well? It’s not pleasant!

Utilizing parts from key industry manufacturers, our team allows you to skip that hot, messy waiting time. Each of our technicians carefully stocks their trucks with replacement parts from the major HVAC brands. The next time your air conditioning or heating cuts out because of a broken part, call our friendly staff for fast, lasting repair work!

Broader Knowledge

Better Insights for Your Needs

As you search for your next air conditioning unit, would you rather have someone who always recommends the same manufacturer, or someone with close knowledge of numerous HVAC brands? Because of our familiarity with the major consumer and commercial HVAC brands, we can supply much better recommendations than other services. In fact, our technicians can easily find a system replacements that meets your capacity, efficiency, and budgetary needs.

We’re also familiar with major support products designed to enhance your HVAC system’s convenience and control. These tools, such as Nest thermostats, provide wonderful means to reduce monthly energy expenses. Combine these systems with an efficient HVAC system and consistent maintenance practices, and you have the makings of an even more spectacularly low energy bill!

Major HVAC Brands We Support

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Schedule Your HVAC Service!

Because of our professionals’ extensive knowledge of HVAC brands in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT, our team provides outstanding service to local residents and businesses. However, it’s their constant dedication to courtesy and diligent workmanship that brings people coming back to Main Street Heating and Cooling year after year. You’ll notice the difference when you consult with our certified HVAC technicians for your heating or cooling service!

Does your home or business need a trusted service professional? Contact our staff at 801-930-5151 to schedule your convenient appointment. We can’t wait to serve you, and we’re confident you’ll be 100% satisfied with our heating and cooling service!