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Making a Comfortable Home

While homeowners may not use the heater much throughout the warm months, those cold winter nights send everybody running to the thermostat! Will your furnace, radiator, or electric system be ready when you turn up the heat? Whatever system you rely on, come to Main Street Heating and Cooling for all your installation, repair, and replacement needs!

Talk with one of our seasoned, courteous technicians from a trusted Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT heating company. We’ll be happy to arrange an appointment that fits with your busy schedule. Call 801-930-5151, and see why so many homeowners and business come to us for all their heater services!

Professional Heating Installation

Finding a heating system that meets the requirements of your home and your budget doesn’t have to take months, or even weeks. With a detailed assessment from one of our knowledgeable technicians, finding a handful of cost-effective options can be a stress-free process! We’ve assisted countless homeowners and local businesses. Whether you’re looking for maximum energy-efficiency, optimal heating capacity, or the protection of a dynamite manufacturer’s warranty (or all of the above), our Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT heating company can make it happen!

Below, you’ll find some of the most popular solutions locals prefer for their heating needs. Each comes with advantages and drawbacks. If you’d like additional information on our heating services or any of these products, feel free to call 801-930-5151 and ask your questions!


Gas or Electric Furnace Replacement

Countless homeowners rely on some form of furnace installation for their home heating needs. While many homeowners utilize gas systems for their lower operating costs, some people don’t have access to cheap natural gas, choosing electric instead. Whichever model your home relies on, we have the experience and tools necessary to maintain your furnace!

When the time comes to replace your faithful gas or electric furnace, our professionals also provide convenient replacement solutions. We’ll walk with you through the selection process, identifying systems that meet your efficiency, capacity, and budgetary needs. Be sure to check out our Brands page to see if we support your favorite HVAC brands!

Electric Heaters

Electric Heater Installation

Not to be confused with standard electric furnaces, electric heaters focus more on area heating (as opposed to whole house). If you only require heating in one or two rooms, these systems offer convenience, affordability, and space-saving benefits that might be too good to refuse!

As with other electric systems, practically any homeowner can enjoy them. Just make sure you leave the installation work to the professionals! Electrical work can be dangerous for anyone that isn’t familiar with the proper safety protocols.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Repairs and Replacement

Considered some of the most energy-efficient HVAC systems available on the market, heat pumps provide savings that many homeowners find irresistable. Working in a manner similar to refrigerators, heat pumps siphon heat from the ambient air. These systems also work to dehumidify the air, preventing your cozy home from getting to moist.

Heat pumps work best in warm spaces. Some homeowners choose to have their pump located outside, while others prefer to store their system inside the house. If you’re looking to install a heat pump for the first time, be sure to consult with a professional on your home’s best potential storage spaces. For more information on the best systems and brands, feel free to contact our team at Main Street Heating and Cooling!

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Schedule Your Heating Service Today!

No matter what sort of heating system your home or business depends on, you can always come to the professionals at Main Street Heating and Cooling for installations, repairs, retrofits, and replacements. Contact our Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT heating company anytime at 801-930-5151 to arrange service. You’ll quickly see why so many locals call our team first in an HVAC crisis! You can also find helpful information about each of our local services in the links below.

  • Central Heating System Repair Has your heating system started to blow cold air, or even shut down completely? Call our technicians for prompt repairs!
  • Gas Furnace Replacement When you need a professional to mend or replace your aging gas furnace, talk with one of our local experts.
  • Electric Heat System Repair Don’t try to repair electrical equipment on your own! Schedule a repair visit with one of our trained professionals.
  • Electric Furnace Replacement Even the most capable electric furnaces eventually need service. See whether or not it’s time to replace your system.