Central Heating Repair

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House-Wide Heating Systems

Nothing beats a heating system that offers convenient control and comfort for the entire house! There are quite a few types of central heating solutions available on the market, but our team at Main Street Heating and Cooling provides lasting repair and installation results for whatever model your home relies on. Timely maintenance and repairs ensure that your system will last for the entirety of its expected lifetime, on top of promoting better energy efficiency.

If your family or business is in need of professional central heating repair in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT or a nearby area, contact our helpful team! One call to 801-930-5151, and you’ll see why so many locals rely on our local services.

Central Heating Difficulties

While central heating may not see extensive use all year round, winter demands place serious stress on your system. Growing inefficiencies and eventual part failure gradually increase that strain until your heater reaches a breaking point. Identifying critical problems beforehand however, allows you to avoid that frantic, midnight emergency repair call.

Below, you’ll find some of the most commonly occurring situations that lead to central heating repair (sometimes replacement). If any of the symptoms described sound familiar, consult with one of our experienced HVAC technicians about finding a solution. You can reach them at our main office by calling 801-930-5151.

Control Problems

Temperature Control and Sensors

Heating systems generally feature multiple safety checks to prevent fires and potential gas leaks. When a boiler, furnace, or electric heater shuts off unexpectedly, it’s often the result of one of these features kicking in to prevent damage. There are three potential causes for this phenomenon.

  • Cause #1: Dust and/or dirt is obstructing the sensors.
  • Cause #2: The sensors themselves have malfunctioned.
  • Cause #3: The sensors are detecting legitimate system failure.

A technician can troubleshoot the issue to determine what’s wrong.

Energy Spikes

Growing Energy Losses

Energy inefficiencies typically arise from one of two sources: part failure, or dirty conditions. While part failure requires the assistance of an HVAC technician, homeowners can easily mend dirty conditions. All it takes is a cursory cleaning or replacement of your air filter, plus a brief inspection inside the heater itself.

Make sure to shut off power and/or gas to your heater, and wear safety gloves. A gentle vacuuming and brushing will clean away most of the dirt. Keeping your system clean and unobstructed prevents excess energy expenditures (plus potential fires)!

Mechanical Wear

Mechanical Part Failure

No matter how tough your HVAC system may be, part failure is inevitable. Ducts develop leaks, fan belts crack, and ball bearings break. Any of these broken parts can cause severe functional losses for your heating system. As tempting as it may be to try to troubleshoot the problem yourself, it’s best to let a trained HVAC technician inspect the system and replace the broken part(s).

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