Electric Furnace Repair and Replacement

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Safe, Convenient Heating

It’s always great to have alternatives, especially when it comes to something as essential as heating your home. While many homeowners utilize gas furnaces for their day to day heating, electric systems offer many advantages worth your investigation! These quiet, dependable furnaces are available to anyone with access to electricity, meaning just about anyone can benefit.

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Electric Furnace Installation

Who would you rather have installing your brand new electric furnace: a hasty amateur or a seasoned professional? The answer may be pretty obvious, but too many HVAC businesses rush through installation to get to their next job. When this happens, homeowners often experience functional problems with their furnace right out of the gate.

At Main Street Heating and Cooling, our desire is that your electric or gas heater lasts for its maximum expected lifetime. That’s why we take our time to ensure smooth installation, from initial planning to final testing. That’s why local homeowners and businesses continue to bring all their heating needs to our team. You can see what they have to say about our work ethic and our results in the reviews.

Key Benefits

Advantages of Electric Furnaces

First, electric furnaces typically run cheaper than gas variants; that includes both for product and installation costs. Maintenance requirements for electric models generally aren’t as demanding as gas furnaces. Many homeowners also claim to witness a decrease in operating noise levels when switching from gas to electric.

Electric models enjoy a lifespan twice as long as a gas system. Finally, electric heating systems don’t emit the carbon monoxide byproduct given off by gas models. Not having to worry about this lethal gas is certainly an added bonus!

While daily operating costs may run higher than gas models, all of these benefits make electric furnaces a compelling option.

Finding Your System

Finding Your Electric Furnace Replacement

Discovering the perfect replacement for your aging furnace requires a close look at your priorities as a homeowner. Do you strive for all the energy savings you can find, or are you more concerned about maximizing heating capacity? Does an attractive manufacturer’s warranty mean more than saving additional money on your purchase? Answer these questions, and our knowledgeable professionals can make finding your ideal furnace replacement much easier!

Once your family has decided on your next furnace system, our team can begin preparations for the replacement process. Because your convenience and satisfaction is important to us, we strive to arrange installation on a day that complements your schedule. For additional details on scheduling or pricing, feel free to talk with one of our electric furnace repair and replacement experts at 801-930-5151.

Examining Wiring in a Furnace System

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