Gas Furnace Repair and Replacement

Examining a Gas Furnace During Maintenance

Convenient, Cost-Effective Heating

Gas heaters offer highly affordable and accessible solutions for homeowners throughout the country. Because of the prevalence of natural gas, operating costs often run lower than similar electrical units. With that being said, maintaining a healthy gas system demands the occasional inspection and repair from a qualified HVAC technician.

Our team at Main Street Heating and Cooling provides cost-effective, lasting solutions for most major furnace brands. If you’d like to learn more about scheduling or pricing, our courteous staff at 801-930-5151 would be thrilled to answer your questions. Call and learn all about our Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT gas furnace repair, installation, and replacement services.

Gas Furnace Installation

As with any major home installation, thorough planning and attention to detail ensure long-lasting results for your heating system. The opposite is also true. If an amateur or hasty professional sets up your gas furnace in a haphazard manner, you may experience functional problems almost immediately afterwards.

Our technicians at Main Street Heating and Cooling recognize the significant investment you made into your home. Your heating system also plays a crucial role in your family’s day to day comfort, and we earnestly desire your complete satisfaction. That’s why we take our time during the installation process to ensure proper connections and safe functionality. You can see the results of our labor in the reviews section!

Gas Furnace Replacement

Looking to replace your furnace in the near future? Whether you’ve traditionally relied on gas or electricity to power your heating system, our seasoned professionals provide invaluable insight towards finding a replacement that fits your needs. Higher efficiency (SEER rating), better capacity, or simpler maintenance; we’ll help you find exactly what you’re searching for!

Professional Gas Furnace Repair

Depending upon local climate and usage rates, a gas furnace may be lightly used or completely inactive for the majority of the year. Then for a few fall and winter months, these systems experience a period of heavy, near-constant use. That places a lot of stress on your furnace.

Eventually, parts wear down and start to operate inefficiently (adding even more strain on your overall system). When that inevitably happens, you’ll want a qualified professional with the experience needed to properly identify the problem.

When to Call

How Do I Know When to Call?

If possible, don’t wait until your furnace has completely shut down to call for help. As your furnace begins to experience lower performance and accelerated part wear, you’ll likely notice the effects through your unusually high energy bills.

Look for strange behavior from your gas furnace.

  • Does it turn off and on more frequently than usual?
  • Does it take unusually long to turn on at all?
  • Have you noticed loud noises during heating times?
  • Does the furnace have a difficult time heating up your home?

Any of these signs could indicate a part failure. If you notice one or more, call 801-930-5151 for our gas furnace repair in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT.

Common Issues

Common Problems in Furnaces

Most issues in your furnace boil down to mechanical, electrical, or cleanliness problems. While maintenance prevents (or at least delays) these issues, you have to keep in mind that any machine with moving parts eventually breaks down. However, prompt diagnosis and repairs will help you get your gas furnace up and running again quickly. Some frequently observed issues include:

  • Dirt and dust-covered parts
  • Damaged ball bearings
  • Pilot control and ignition problems
  • Degraded blower fan belts
  • Faulty thermostats
  • Malfunctioning limit switches
  • Clogged filters
  • Damaged heat exchangers
A Technician Cleans Dust Away From a Gas Furnace's Burners.

Schedule Your Gas Furnace Service!

General maintenance allows homeowners to bypass many challenges related to their gas furnace. However, system breakdown and part replacement is inevitable, no matter how durable a heating system may be. Our team at Main Street Heating and Cooling provides numerous services to preserve and extend the life of your heater, such as our gas furnace repair in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT. If you’d like further information about our local services, contact our office today! All it takes is one call to 801-930-5151, and you’ll be well on your way to finding lasting relief!