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Do you know what’s more frustrating than waiting for days without air conditioning? Neither do we! At Main Street Heating & Cooling, our goal is for all our customers to receive prompt relief from all of the heating and cooling woes. That’s why we continually strive for a more comprehensive reserve parts supply! When you need replacement segments for your Goodman, Kenmore, Honeywell, etc., come to our team first!

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Importance of Prompt Replacement

As you likely know, parts within your heating and cooling systems wear down at different rates. While some may last the entirety of your unit’s lifetime, others may require replacement halfway through. Annual and semi-annual maintenance visits allow you to easily track the progress of part wear, and plan upcoming changes. Of course, maintenance and cleaning also help extend the life of many HVAC pieces.

With that being said, degraded parts create some very real threats to your overall system. As one part deteriorates (say, the evaporator coil), other segments of your air conditioner must compensate for the reduced functionality. The typical result is accelerated wear and higher energy consumption. Most homeowners either notice the unexpected spike in their utility bills or a sudden drop in system performance. If either of these challenges pops up in your home, feel free to contact our helpful team at 801-917-6778.
It may be that you require HVAC parts replacement in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT.

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Air Conditioning Replacement Parts

One of the general tendencies in HVAC engineering is for moving parts to wear faster. For instance, the blower motor that turns the fan near the evaporator (inside your home) may break down and require replacement. The same can be said for the outside condenser fan motor, responsible for managing the fan that cools the compressor. Both of these motors provide crucial functions in your AC system. Without them, your home would start to heat up fairly quickly.

Some electrical equipment may also short out inside your system. While some part replacements (such as filter changes) can be completed easily without the help of a professional, many require a trained hand. Make sure to talk with one of our certified HVAC technicians whenever you need an air conditioner part replacement.

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Need additional information about part availability or pricing? Talk with one of our courteous staff members at Main Street Heating & Cooling! We’d be happy to inspect your system to find the piece that needs changing. Afterward, our prompt Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT HVAC parts replacement service will have your heater or air conditioner back up in running in no time! Call us today at 801-917-6778.

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