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Find Your Ideal HVAC System Replacement

As the HVAC industry continues to progress with the development of more convenient, energy-efficient technology, homeowners find plenty of opportunities to trade up. When your heating and cooling appliances (eventually) begin to falter, our HVAC company in Riverton, UT is here to provide you with cost-effective replacement options! Call Main Street Heating and Cooling today at 801-930-5151 and tell us about your repair and replacement needs. We’ll be happy to find a solution that fits your budget!

Centralized Heating & Cooling

Central heating and air conditioning systems rely on a large system of ducts to convey air around the household. While these systems provide convenient control and comfort for every room in the house, they also feature a large number of moving parts. That means more opportunities for mechanical or electrical failure.

While general maintenance extends the life of HVAC devices, there comes a time when replacement is the only practical option. Choosing the proper size and type of system ensures peak efficiency. Selecting the wrong size guarantees wasted time and energy.

Forced Air Units

Central, Forced-Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning units rely on electrical power, making them widely accessible for homeowners. While they may be more costly than room to room solutions, centralized AC units make up for it with more convenient control and even temperature levels throughout the house. However, creating a lasting system requires the experience and insight of a seasoned HVAC professional. Our team at Main Street Heating and Cooling offers plenty of options for installing and replacing central AC units!


Gas and Electric Furnace Replacement

Homeowners and businesses alike come to us for cost-effective heating solutions. Whether you depend on a gas-powered or electric system, all furnaces ultimately require replacement. When that day comes, consult with one of our HVAC experts about finding a new system that fits your purchase budget and monthly utility goals. Our installation professionals will make sure that your system is connected correctly and functioning properly.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Installation

Smaller space requirements, a two-in-one heating and cooling system, and energy-saving capabilities all draw homeowners to heat pumps. These systems draw on heat from the surrounding air and redistribute it into other rooms (for heating) or outside (to cool the home). Heat pumps work best in moderately warm environments with few freezing temperature days.

If your family desires to cut back on monthly energy costs through your next HVAC system replacement, contact our HVAC company in Riverton, UT at 801-930-5151.

Room to Room Conditioning

In smaller homes and those with fewer frequently used rooms, room to room HVAC systems offer ample opportunity to save. Because each unit only serves a single room, these heating and cooling solutions don’t require an expansive (and often leaky) network of ducts to transport air.

If you’ve been searching for an affordable, energy-saving method of conditioning your home’s air, this could be the perfect way to do it! Contact our HVAC company in Riverton, UT at 801-930-5151 for more information.

Mini Split AC

Mini Split System Installation

Apartments and smaller houses often utilize mini split systems because of their convenient design. They consist of one or more indoor units that blow the air, and an outdoor unit that evacuates heat. The best part is that most mini split systems do not require duct lines to move air throughout the house. That leaves no chance for air to leak into undesired spaces and waste energy.

With multiple indoor units, you can easily customize temperatures between rooms for family members with different tastes. Mini split systems can also function as heat pumps, providing cooling and heating. Most ductless mini split solutions offer a maximum of five indoor units. Any more, and you’ll have to install a second outdoor unit to carry the load.

Electric Heaters

Electric Heat System Replacement

Not to be confused with furnace units that heat the entire house, these electric heaters can be installed in the walls, floors, panels, and coves. Many homeowners find these solutions convenient, especially those that don’t require heating for every room in the house. Of course, this allows people to save money by only heating the necessary rooms.

As with any electrical system, repairs and replacements should be completed by a trained HVAC technician with the proper training and tools. Talk with one of our local professionals about finding a solution that meets your particular heating needs!

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Consult With a Seasoned Professional!

Want to make sure your heating and cooling systems last for their maximum potential lifetime? Bring your repair and replacement projects to the professionals at Main Street Heating and Cooling. Our seasoned professionals have many years of experience under their tool belts, and they always work to find the right solutions for your needs!

Don’t go a day longer without functional heating or air conditioning! Call our team today, and see why so many people come to our HVAC company in Riverton, UT for all their service needs. Contact our the friendly staff at 801-930-5151 to arrange a convenient technician visit.