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Testing a Heat Pump for Potential Coolant Leaks

Affordable, Lasting Repair Service

What stands between your family and comfortable air conditioning? It may be a broken part. It could be a worn down duct lines. Whatever the problem, our heating and cooling professionals at Main Street Heating and Cooling have the cost-effective, quality repair solutions you deserve!

With years of serving local homeowners and businesses, our HVAC company in West Jordan, UT consistently provides outstanding results for our clients. Don’t just take our word for it though! Check out our reviews, or give our team a call at 801-930-5151 to see for yourself.

Cooling System Repairs

When your air conditioning breaks down and stops cooling your home, fast relief isn’t fast enough! Our team understands how it feels. To provide the swiftest results possible, each of our certified technicians carries an impressive supply of replacement parts. Because of their vast experience and attention to detail, our techs consistently offer lasting results from repairs.

Below, you’ll find some of our most frequently request services. For additional information about our repair solutions or our HVAC company in West Jordan, UT, contact our friendly staff at 801-930-5151.

Emergency Services

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

In some situations, repairs can’t wait for the next service day. Our team at Main Street Heating and Cooling maintains a 24/7 on-call professional to handle those late-night, early-morning emergencies. How do you know whether or not a situation merits after-hours service? If any delays may result in personal harm, additional home damage, or exceptional discomfort, contact our team immediately for relief!

Central Air

Central Air Conditioning Repair

Large, forced air conditioning systems feature numerous moving parts and expansive duct lines. Any segment may experience part failure or suffer from accumulated wear. That’s just the nature of HVAC systems (and machinery in general). When one portion of your central AC breaks down, the rest of your system has to work overtime to pick up the slack. This inevitably leads to accelerated part wear, additional energy consumption, and higher chance of system-wide shutdowns.

However, prompt repair service can mitigate these problems and restore functionality to your air conditioning. If your family or employees notice a drop in system performance, there’s a good chance it’s time to call our HVAC company in West Jordan, UT. Schedule a checkup with our knowledgeable experts at 801-930-5151!


Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

Our technicians don’t just provide service for large centralized AC systems. We also offer repairs for room-by-room air conditioners, such as ductless mini split systems. With fewer moving parts, these appliances may not require service as often, but they still deserve the same high standard of professional care. Schedule your inspection and repair visit today!

Heating System Repairs

As you can imagine, your heaters undergo quite a bit of mechanical stress each year. That’s only natural for a machine that goes most of the year without use, followed by months of almost constant operation. When a portion or the entirety of your heating system breaks down, our HVAC company in West Jordan, UT is here to help! Contact Main Street Heating and Cooling at 801-930-5151 to schedule your convenient service appointment.


Gas and Electric Furnaces

Not only do our seasoned HVAC techs provide replacement options for aging systems, they also offer ways to extend the life of your existing furnace! Quality repairs are essential for appliances with sensitive electrical components and potentially harmful natural gas. If you notice an exhaust or gas leak – natural gas (from utility companies) smells like rotten eggs or sulfur – contact our professionals as soon as possible! Whether your system runs on gas or electricity, be sure to leave repairs to our technicians, who have the required training and equipment.

Area Heaters

Electric Heat System Repair

Not every family needs heating for each room in the house. Some homeowners and businesses prefer to only heat the most frequently used rooms in the household, such as the living room, dining area, and bedrooms. Electric heat systems offer cost-effective ways to do that, with solutions practically anyone can use.

Like any system with sensitive parts and electrical hazards, these solutions deserve professional care when the time comes for repairs. Never attempt to mend electrical equipment or heating elements yourself, unless you have previous training and the right tools. Our HVAC technicians have years of experience under their belts, and even they have to take precautions when servicing this equipment! We offer excellent, lasting results for your area heating systems, so give us a call to schedule your repairs.

Making Adjustments to a Coolant Line

Schedule Your Repair Service

If your home has been without heating or air conditioning, why go a day longer than you have to? Professionals repairs and maintenance solutions are just one phone call away! Schedule your repair service by phoning 801-930-5151 and talking with a courteous staff member from our HVAC company in West Jordan, UT.

You’ll quickly see why so many local homeowners and companies trust us with their heating and cooling needs. Let’s find your relief today!