With summer quickly approaching, an air conditioning system in both the car and the home that works properly is essential to staying comfortable and cool. When the sun’s beating down, there’s no better escape than a relaxing and well-air-conditioned area in which you can lounge in. If you’re curious about the differences between your car and home air conditioning systems, or if you need services to get your air conditioner in tip-top shape for the hot summer months, read on:

How Does a Home Air Conditioning System Work?

A home air conditioner works very similarly to a refrigerator. Essentially, an air conditioner uses refrigeration to cool the air that is already inside your home. The air conditioner does this using chemical compounds called refrigerants in a process known as phase conversion. Within the air conditioning system, there is also a fan that moves the air. The fan moves the air through multiple duct systems where the air passes over coils that contain refrigerants. Once the air has been cooled, the cooled gas is once again converted to a liquid using high amounts of pressure. Then, the process repeats itself. The air is then distributed back to the home, cooling the room that it enters. This airflow and evaporation are usually powered by an electric motor.

Maintaining your air conditioner is an important part of making sure that it functions as it should and cools your house to the best of its ability. Performing an annual air conditioner maintenance check can help you to lower your energy bills, lower future repair costs, extend the life of your air conditioner, and provide you with peace of mind and cool home.

How Does a Car Air Conditioning System Work?

A car’s air conditioning system works very similarly to that of a home’s air conditioning unit, only on a much smaller scale. Rather than an electric motor powering the air conditioning unit, as is the case in a house, the air conditioner is powered by the vehicle’s engine, resulting in mechanical compression. Essentially, the parts and the process are the same, while the size of units and the form of power are different. Gas from your vehicle powers your car’s air conditioning system.

Like a home air conditioning system, though, making sure your car’s air conditioner is well maintained will help to keep you cool and save gas during the hottest parts of summer.

Keeping Cool in the Summer Months

Ensuring that your car and home air conditioning units are functioning properly this summer will help you stay cool. An air-conditioned home improves its quality and makes it more enjoyable for relaxing, entertaining guests, or working around the house. Additionally, a well-maintained air conditioning system will operate more efficiently, saving you money on your monthly power bill.

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