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    Central air conditioning systems are designed to provide reliable comfort in the hottest months of the year. If your air conditioner isn’t keeping the temperature or humidity levels under control, call Main Street Heating & Cooling. Our technicians provide second-to-none AC repair services in Sandy.
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    Signs Your AC is in Need of Repairs

    When blazing temperatures hit, your air conditioner is your saving grace. Nothing feels worse than having it break down on you without warning. A lot can go wrong with an air conditioner, but unless the unit is a dinosaur, common problems can usually be resolved. In some instances, you can troubleshoot and fix the issue yourself, but most HVAC problems require the knowledge of a pro.

    Some common issues include:
    • Not Blowing Cold Air: When your AC unit is not blowing cold air, it’s possible your refrigerant needs recharging. The refrigerant is a chemical inside the unit that helps cool the air. Typically, this substance never needs recharging unless there is a leak causing the chemical level to decline.
    • Condenser Won’t Run: Before you start ripping your unit apart, check your thermostat to make sure it is turned on and set to a temperature that’s lower than the temperature in the room. If adjusting the thermostat doesn’t do the trick, check to see if there is debris blocking the condenser. If cleaning the condenser doesn’t solve the issue, the problem is probably electrical.
    • Unit Repeatedly Turns Off: If your unit shuts off and on, a dirty air filter could be to blame. A filthy filter restricts airflow and can cause your air conditioner to cut off and on repeatedly. You can remove the filter yourself and clean it with a vacuum and soapy water. Let the filter dry completely before putting it back in.
    • Unit is Leaking: Your AC should never leak inside your home. While this could be a water leak, it could also be leaking cooling fluid, which can be extremely dangerous and needs to be inspected immediately.
    • Strange Noises: While your air conditioner isn’t a silent machine, if you notice new banging, buzzing, humming, etc. noises coming from it, get it checked out immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely that further components can fail, adding to the cost of repairs.
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    Quality Repairs for Any Central AC System

    A central air conditioning system uses refrigerant to move heat from inside the house to the outside. When one part of the system isn’t working properly, the entire system can be affected. Our technicians provide quality AC repair in Sandy for residential and commercial central air conditioning systems.

    You can depend on our technicians to:
    • Arrive promptly
    • Diagnose the problem with your air conditioner
    • Explain your AC repair options
    • Provide upfront pricing for your repair
    • Get right to work on your repair

    If you notice that your air conditioner is not keeping your home cool enough, the house feels humid, or it stops working completely, our technicians work quickly to diagnose the problem and minimize the time your air conditioner isn’t working. We are available to answer your call after our normal business hours, so you won’t have to wait long for quality AC repair.

    Timely Air Conditioner Repair

    Don’t wait to call for professional service when your air conditioner isn’t working correctly. Putting off needed repairs will only result in your home environment becoming more uncomfortable with time. When one component isn’t working right, other components attempt to compensate for the deficiency. This can gradually result in a complete breakdown.

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    If you need AC repair, call 801-917-6778 for experienced techs to get your system running again.