Relief When You Need It Most in South Jordan

    While hiring someone for emergency heating or air conditioner repair may be a pain, it can also minimize the stress put on you and your family because of a damaged unit or malfunctioning system. If it’s a hot summer night or a frigid winter weekend, the repair experts at Main Street Heating & Cooling are available for emergency air conditioners, heater, or furnace repairs to keep you and your family feeling comfortable in your home. Whether your air conditioner breaks first thing in the morning, or the furnace dies right before bed, we can help.

    For more information about emergency HVAC repair service for your home or business in Sandy or South Jordan, UT, contact us by calling 801-917-6778 and we’ll be on our way.

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    Why We Offer Our Emergency Services

    When things start to heat up, you count on your air conditioner to keep your family or customers cool and comfortable. If it stops doing its job, you’ll start to feel the effects pretty quickly. The same thing goes for a broken-down furnace in the middle of winter. We understand that, when your air conditioner or heater stops working, it’s easy to become stressed. This equipment represents a significant investment, and the idea of costly repairs can scare people.
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    Malfunctions don’t abide by normal business hours, which is why we offer emergency air conditioner and heater repair services. If your indoor comfort systems stop working late at night, you don’t need to wait until the next morning for service! Give us a call and we’ll talk about what we can do to make your home comfortable again.

    If you have a Freon leak, we’ll find the source of the problem. You’ll want to treat all coolant leaks like emergencies because they’re bad for the environment (and your budget). While they probably won’t cause serious health problems for you, your air conditioner will still attempt to function without one of its key components. That puts extra strain on your cooling system and may cause other components to degrade faster. A refrigerant leak can also lead to more serious problems if not treated quickly. Small problems left over time can turn into emergencies.

    If you’re looking for emergency air conditioner or furnace repair in Sandy, contact the experts of Main Street Heating & Cooling at 801-917-6778 and we’ll set up a time to be there that works best for you.

    Maintenance Prevents HVAC Emergencies

    But what causes situations that require emergency repairs? A lot of the time, the need for emergency repairs comes from a lack of preventative maintenance. Trust Main Street Heating & Cooling to look over your air conditioner, furnace, or heater during routine annual maintenance. Our team of HVAC professionals performs thorough inspections to check all of the components of your system that can be worn down over time. For air conditioners, we’ll also look at your closed coolant system to make sure nothing is leaking and check components for damage. We’ll clean everything inside and replace any damaged components. By offering you this service, we hope to minimize the need for emergency repairs and ensure your year-round comfort.

    What are HVAC emergencies?

    HVAC emergencies in Sandy, UT, include sudden breakdowns, gas leaks, refrigerant leaks, or issues impacting indoor air quality. These emergencies jeopardize comfort, safety, and can lead to health risks, especially in extreme weather conditions like Utah’s cold winters or hot summers.

    Why do HVAC units fail?

    HVAC units in Sandy, UT, can fail due to various reasons, including lack of maintenance, dirty filters, electrical problems, worn-out components, refrigerant leaks, or improper installation. Extreme weather conditions, power surges, and age can also contribute to system failures. Regular maintenance and timely repairs help prevent many of these issues.

    Find Your Relief

    If something still comes up, we’re available for emergency repairs when you need them, morning or night. We offer emergency HVAC repair service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    If you need emergency air conditioner or heater repair for your home or business in Sandy, call Main Street Heating & Cooling at 801-917-6778 and we’ll be there at your earliest convenience.