Furnace Repair in Sandy, UT

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Reliable home comfort depends on an efficient, properly functioning furnace or heating system. Main Street Heating & Cooling offers quality furnace repair in Sandy, South Jordan, and the surrounding communities.

Our technicians offer timely repair service for all types of home heating systems. We handle everything from minor repairs for improving comfort and energy efficiency to complete heating system breakdowns that are more complicated to fix.

Call (801) 923-6315 or contact us online today to schedule Sandy furnace repair at your home or business.

Repair for Malfunctioning Furnaces & Heating Systems

Extreme winter weather creates high demand and stress on heating systems. Our technicians are trained and experienced to provide heater repair in Sandy for all types of heating systems, including gas furnaces, electric furnaces, electric central heaters, and heat pumps. After we inspect the system, we explain the problem and provide upfront pricing for the repair.

We repair common heating problems, such as issues caused by:

  • Temperature control and sensors
  • Energy spikes
  • Mechanical wear

Inefficiencies in your heating system and gradual partial failures increase the strain on your home heating system and make it more vulnerable to breakdowns. You can often prevent a complete breakdown with regular maintenance services and by contacting a professional for repair service as soon as you notice a decrease in system performance.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair

  • Inconsistent heat or cold spots: First, make sure that your vents are open and aren't blocked by any furniture. If your vents are all open and not obstructed, then give your local Sandy furnace repair professionals a call.
  • Unusually high utility bills: If you're paying more money in your electricity or gas bills without changing your consumption, it's possible your experiencing heat loss. If you have a leak in your ductwork or a furnace that isn't operating optimally, it will have to work overtime to keep your thermostat at the desired temperature.
  • Furnace won't turn on: First check that your pilot light is on or that you aren't experiencing an electrical issue. If neither of those are the issue, then call in your Sandy furnace repair experts.
  • Strange noises: All furnaces make a little bit of noise, but if it's loud and you can hear it from the next room over then something is up and your unit needs an inspection.
  • Bad smells: If you have a gas furnace and smell rotten eggs then you have a gas leak and should leave the premises immediately.
  • Pilot light burning yellow: Your furnace's pilot should always burn blue. If you ever notice it burning yellow, this is a sign that it's producing too much carbon monoxide, an extremely dangerous gas. Turn it off immediately and call us right away to fix the problem.

We Answer Calls After Hours

A freezing cold house requires a fast and reliable repair solution. You can depend on the pros at Main Street Heating & Cooling for accurate diagnosis and prompt repair. Our Sandy furnace repair technicians are available for same-day repair service to restore the comfort of your home or business. If the heater stops working at night or over the weekend, we’ll answer your call for emergency furnace repair service.

If you need professional heating repair, call (801) 923-6315 or contact online for reliable local service.

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