Targeting Air Impurities & Materials in Sandy, UT Homes

    If there is something harsh in the air in your home, it can have a seriously negative impact on your health and your family. That’s why you should give Main Street Heating & Cooling a call to ask about your indoor air quality and what options you have for trying to improve it. Our Sandy team of experts can help you discover different ways to get your air cleaner and free of contaminants as it cycles through your home.

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    Air Quality Problems

    The air quality inside your home is very important. If someone walks through that has bad allergies, poor air quality may produce a bad reaction (such as a sneezing fit). Sometimes it may seem like the air quality inside of your home is worse than the outside. You may be correct. This is because the air in your home is usually recirculated many times before it finally makes its way outside. That means the same air is being pumped through your ducts over and over again, only being heated and cooled as time goes on, but not completely cleaned. Since the system is closed, you’ll continue to breathe the same contaminants over and over again.

    The air in your home can hide several health hazards and irritants. Indoor air quality testing offers helpful insights into your home’s specific needs. It’s common for air to contain dust and pollen, but there may be other, more dangerous contaminants. If your ducts have moisture in them, mold is more likely to prosper and potentially spread. Certain molds won’t just aggravate your allergies, they will also cause serious negative health problems. Prolonged exposure may even produce powerful side effects in your lungs, making breathing difficult and painful.

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    Indoor Air Quality Testing

    While it’s hard not to worry, a simple test can tell you if there are harmful materials in the air of your home. Give us a call and our skilled HVAC techs can come and perform indoor air quality testing. If something is contaminating it, we can go over your options for how to reduce the dust, pollen, bacteria, or other material contents of your air.

    We carry a wide variety of air purifiers and brands, including:
    • Electronic air cleaners that use a magnetic charge to clean your air
    • Air purifiers that remove contaminants
    • Ultraviolet lights that help kill pathogens circulating through your air ducts

    When we check for problems, we can determine where the main cause is coming from and how to prevent it. This may include inspecting your ductwork to make sure it’s properly sealed. We’ll determine the best way to control your indoor air quality and make your home more comfortable.

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    Benefits of Indoor Air Quality Testing

    There are numerous benefits to maintaining your home’s indoor air quality. Regular testing can help and ultimately provide numerous benefits, including:

    • Lower energy costs
    • Increased comfort
    • Easier breathing (asthma, allergies, other respiratory problems)
    • Improved productivity
    • And more

    What parts of Utah have the best air quality?

    Generally, rural areas and higher elevations like mountain regions tend to have better air quality in Utah. Places like Park City, Logan, and some parts of Southern Utah often enjoy cleaner air due to lower population density and fewer industrial activities.

    What causes bad air quality in Utah?

    Bad air quality in Utah is primarily caused by vehicle emissions, industrial activities, wood burning, and geographical factors like inversions, trapping pollutants in valleys. Additionally, dust storms, wildfires, and seasonal weather patterns exacerbate air pollution levels, particularly in urban areas like Salt Lake City and surrounding regions.

    Contact Us for Sandy Indoor Air Quality Services

    It doesn’t matter if you’re suffering from respiratory problems, have asthma, or your allergies are bothering you, we can help you breathe easier. Don’t spend your time suffering when you don’t have to. Give us a call and let us improve your indoor air quality. With state-of-the-art air filters, air purification systems, and humidifiers, we can make your home healthier. Allow our team to help you.

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    If you need an indoor air quality inspection or service for your home or business in Sandy, contact the experts of Main Street Heating & Cooling at 801-917-6778 for more information today.