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Replacement Parts for an HVAC System

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What’s the longest your family has ever gone without air conditioning? Cooling plays an integral role in our day to day comfort. Unfortunately, our heating and cooling systems inevitably struggle with isolated part failure, which diminishes performance, accelerates systemic wear, and so often leads to those late night emergency calls!

Just because part failure is ultimately unavoidable (in the long run), that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck without air conditioning or heating when the time comes. To ensure prompt relief for all our clients, our team at Main Street Heating and Cooling provides an extensive variety of replacement parts. That’s one reason we can supply repairs so quickly! To learn more about our air conditioner parts replacement in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT, call our friendly staff at 801-930-5151.

Invaluable Part Replacement

Prompt part replacement is a team effort that depends on both reliable work from our HVAC technicians and homeowners reporting the problem. In general, the faster the issue gets resolved, the more money you’ll save (from avoided energy costs and extra repairs). Below, you’ll find some critical part replacement services we provide at Main Street Heating and Cooling.

Blower and Fan

AC Blower Repair and Replacement

There’s some obvious confusion between an air conditioner fan and the blowers. Many homeowners find the terminology a little confusing, which is very understandable. Your AC blower propels air through a system of large metallic ducts to transport cool air to each connected room. Without a functioning blower, the cool air takes forever to circulate throughout your home, or it never arrives at all. Prompt repair or replacement is essential to restore normal flow.

Sometimes the failure occurs due to faulty electrical wiring, a problem many homeowners are all too familiar with. Congested ductwork may also cause the blower motor to wear itself out while cooling the house. If you’ve noticed particles pouring out of your ducts, in addition to spikes in your energy bill, talk with a trusted technician.

Air Conditioner Fan Repair & Replacement

While the blower circulates air throughout the ducts, AC condenser fan outside your home pushes air across condenser coils, cooling the refrigerant and releasing heat. Healthy fans deliver a steady stream of air, while faulty ones fail to provide sufficient cooling. Common sources of part failure include worn ball bearings and chipped fan blades. Talk with one of our seasoned HVAC technicians to see if it’s time for Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT air conditioner parts replacement.

Condenser & Compressor

Condenser Motor Replacement

Here comes another pair of commonly confused parts: the AC compressor and condenser. It doesn’t help that many people use these words interchangeably. For simpler explanation, let’s say that the entire box sitting outside your home is the condenser. As a whole, the condenser works to take coolant that has been vaporized (turned into vapor) inside your home and turn it back into a form that can be used again.

As the coolant enters the condenser coils, a special motor powers the fan that cools the gas back into a liquid. If the condenser motor fails, the refrigerant will not cool effectively before it cycles back into the house. This is one reason why an AC unit may suddenly start blowing warm air throughout the house. If the motor fails, it will likely require replacement.

AC Compressor Repair & Replacement

The compressor plays an important role in turning vaporized coolant back into liquid. As the name implies, the part compresses the gas into the condenser coils. The combination of intense pressure and cold air blowing from the fan allows the refrigerant to liquify and release the heat it previously absorbed inside your home. If your compressor becomes worn from years of use, it needs to be fixed or replaced as quickly as possible to keep your AC unit functioning properly.

AC Coils

AC Coil Cleaning & Replacement

There are two critical coil segments inside your air conditioning system. We’ve already discussed the condenser coils, responsible for releasing the heat built up inside your system’s refrigerant and redirecting the coolant back into your home. That newly chilled coolant makes its way to the evaporator coil, where warm air from the blower fan passes over it. The coolant then absorbs the heat, vaporizes, and makes its way outside once more.

Coils experience a couple challenges that range from minor inefficiencies to system-threatening part failures. For instance, coils may become coated in dirt, which prevents them from efficiently absorbing or releasing heat (depending on the coil in question). This prevents your AC unit from cooling air quickly, and subsequently results in longer run times and steeper energy bills. A good coil cleaning can prevent this problem.

However, coil leaks almost always result in part replacement. Refrigerant is a costly substance that’s meant to last for many years inside your AC unit. If the coolant leaks, you’ll need to replace the coils and schedule refrigerant recharge. Find out which solution will work best for your situation by contacting our team at 801-930-5151 and asking about air conditioner parts replacement in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT.

Ask About Your AC Part Replacement!

Remember, the sooner a faulty part gets replaced, the sooner your system can get back to normal function. Our team at Main Street Heating and Cooling would love to help you with air conditioner parts replacement in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT and any other nearby city. To learn more about our services, contact our helpful staff at 801-930-5151!