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Considering the heavy use that heating systems endure, it’s no wonder that parts occasionally break down. When that day comes, talk with one of our knowledgeable HVAC professionals about scheduling heater parts replacement in Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT. All it takes is one call to 801-930-5151!

Benefits of Fast Replacement

Below, you’ll find many of the most essential part replacement services we provide at Main Street Heating and Cooling. If any of the parts or challenges described sound familiar, be sure to contact a member of our friendly staff. We’ll be happy to schedule repairs!

Control Components

Pressure Switches

HVAC Pressure Switch Replacement

Pressure switches systematically examine the function of your heater to ensure safe use. If a switch detects dangerous conditions, it will automatically shut off the system or limit performance. Faulty switches often lead to unnecessary shutdowns.


HVAC Thermostat Repair and Replacement

Is it time to consider a new thermostat for your HVAC system? Talk with one of our courteous specialists about finding an efficient replacement that matches your budget!

Circuit Boards

Circuit Control Board Replacement

Control boards regulate the electrical and gas components of your heating system. Some act as little more than a safety check on your furnace, while more advanced systems run diagnostics and adjust the internal conditions of your heating system. If the circuit board wears down or is destroyed somehow, your furnace will not be able to function.

HVAC Relays

HVAC Relay Replacement

Relays allow electricity to pass onto essential parts within your furnace. Any part of your furnace with electrical components, such as the blower motor or heating elements, require functional relays to operate. Unless you are an experienced technician or electrical engineer, don’t ever try to replace these components yourself!

Motor Equipment

ECM Motors

ECM Motors Replacement

ECM motors allow your fan to gradually build in output as the furnace heats up. It also conserves energy by tapering off output when a home reaches the desired temperature. Our team is more than happy to provide your ECM motor replacement, whether you currently use ECM or a traditional style.


Heater Capacitors Replacement

Start capacitors act as a reservoir of power, and provide a much needed jolt to activate your furnace’s fan. Run capacitors, on the other hand, act as ongoing power for the fan motor. Without these capacitors to increase the electric current to your motor, your furnace would not be able to circulate hot air.

Hard Start Kits

Hard Start Kits Replacement

A hard start kit, a type of energy storing capacitor, provides a reliable and fast means of activating your furnace fan motor. If you’ve had difficulties with activating your heater, talk with one of our experts about installing an original or replacement hard start kit!

Combustion Parts

Gas Valves

Gas Valve Replacement

One of the simplest, but critical components in the gas furnace combustion process, the gas valve permits or blocks natural gas flow to the pilot light and burners. While other broken parts may stifle the functionality of your furnace, a broken gas valve could endanger your entire home! Be sure to have our technicians replace it as soon as possible if you notice a malfunction.

Surface Ignitors

HVAC Hot Surface Igniter Replacement

Furnaces use one of two types of igniter. One ignites a pilot light, which in turn activates the main burner(s) that power the combustion process. These days however, most hot surface igniters light the burners directly. If the ignitor breaks down however, the main burners won’t consume the gas. That means if your furnace refuses to start, there’s a good chance either your igniter or your pilot is to blame.


Heat Exchanger Replacement

The heat exchanger acts very similar to the evaporator coils in your air conditioning system. The hot combustion gases travel into the tiny entry hole on one side of the heat exchanger and into the packed coils. As the gases pass through, the HVAC blower directs air across the exchanger. This warms the air just before the fan powers it through your duct lines.

Inducer Motors

HVAC Inducer Motor Replacement

A special assembly fan safely pulls combustion gases into the heat exchanger just before the blower passes air over it. This fan is powered by the inducer motor. Should the motor fail, your HVAC system may simply blow cool air throughout the house (when you want warm air).

Heat Pump Repair & Replacement

Our team also offers essential part replacements and repair for heat pumps. These energy efficient systems offer some of the best utility savings homeowners can achieve, but not every company services them. Talk with one of our experts if your system needs professional care!

Lit Burners Consuming Natural Gas

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No matter what type of heating system you depend on, our team would be thrilled to provide your Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT heater parts replacement. You can learn about all our local services by contact our team at 801-930-5151! We can’t wait to serve you.