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Whole-Home Air Filtration in Sandy, UT

Eliminating Bothersome Allergens in Your Home

When you go throughout the house each day, do your allergies ever flair up unexpectedly? Unlike the outdoors, where air is continually circulated and cleaned by plants, indoor air quality tends to gradually worsen over time. That’s why homeowners often find clumps of pet dander or layers of dust throughout the house.

While deep cleaning provides some relief from these allergens, new particles eventually begin to circulate throughout the home. With the right whole-home air filtration system, however, it’s much easier to block these contaminants and clean your air supply. At Main Street Heating & Cooling, we offer top-notch whole-home air filtration installations in Sandy.

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Whole-Home Filtration Explained

In regards to air quality, filtration operates the same way it works in other industries (such as water purification). Air currents run through a tight, thin filter, which gathers larger unwanted particles. The tighter the fiber mesh, the more particles it catches.

Did you know that your home already uses a limited whole-home air filter installation? Central air conditioners and furnaces both utilize basic filters. Most become clogged after three months or so and require cleaning or replacement. They provide a decent first line of defense against household allergens, as long as homeowners continue to maintain them.

Other Filtration Solutions

Homeowners often look to other filtration options for more thorough protection against allergens and microbes. There are two primary types: electronic air cleaners and extended media filters.

Electronic cleaners create a static field that charges incoming air particles. This method works with all shapes and sizes of airborne contaminants. Once charged, the particles cling to a metal plate on the other side of the filter. If you don’t like regularly replacing filters, this could be your perfect solution. The only maintenance required is a gentle cloth cleaning every few months.

Extended media filters act as additional layers that function in tandem with your existing central air filter. They generally last around a year, but they greatly expand your filtration system’s productivity. In other words: these filters catch more gunk. Many homeowners with tighter budgets enjoy extended media filters because of their low cost.

Call for Your Filtration Estimate

A whole-home air filtration installation in Sandy greatly improves your home’s air quality. It also provides much needed protection against all allergens and pathogens that like to linger in your air ducts.

If you’d like additional information about filtration or air purification solutions, feel free to call our team at (801) 923-6315.

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