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Reliable Comfort for the Whole Family

Without functional cooling and heating systems to condition your air, getting comfy at home can feel next to impossible! That’s why our team at Main Street Heating and Cooling works so hard to provide local homeowners and businesses with affordable, quality HVAC services. Our trained and courteous technicians support countless families with lasting repairs, installations, retrofits, and replacements. When you call 801-930-5151 to schedule your local service, you’ll quickly see why people choose us as their HVAC company in Draper, UT!

Central Air Conditioning Repair

Whether your home (or business) relies on a Goodman, York, or Daikin air conditioning system, you can count on our experienced service professionals for support! We know what it feels like to go without air conditioning, which is why our team strives to provide lasting, cost-effective repair solutions. Thanks to our seasoned HVAC technicians and an extensive supply of replacement parts, our crew offers faster relief than ever before.

Below, you’ll find details about some of our most popular air conditioning solutions. Should you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment, feel free to call our friendly staff at 801-930-5151!

Emergency AC Repair

24/7 Emergency Repair Services

Some emergencies can’t wait for normal operating hours. When you find yourself in a situation where any delay means additional damage to your home or business, contact the Main Street Heating and Cooling team immediately for repairs. Our HVAC company maintains on-call technicians to provide you with reliable repair, quickly.

Refrigerant Recharge

Restoring Your System’s Cooling Capability

Without a healthy supply of refrigerant, air conditioners cannot provide the cooling power necessary to keep your home comfortable. Most homeowners don’t realize how significant a coolant leak is. Simply replacing the lost coolant without addressing the underlying leak only costs you more hard-earned dollars. Because our technicians understand this, they take their time to completely repair your system (and stop leaks) before recharging refrigerant.

Thermostat Upgrade

Upgrading to a Nest Thermostat

Nest thermostats enjoy a celebrated reputation for energy savings and convenient control. As these clever systems learn your usage habits over time, they identify opportunities to conserve energy by reducing waste. These systems are especially useful if you spend large portions of the day outside of your home.

Our HVAC technicians would be thrilled to discuss other benefits of Nest thermostat tools. Simply give our HVAC company in Draper, UT a call to learn more!

Indoor Air Quality Services

While some HVAC companies might try to use it as a scare tactic, indoor air quality does play a significant role in your daily health and comfort. Because most homes can’t refresh air very quickly, they often struggle with allergen buildup from pet dander, dust, dirt, and other unwanted particles. There’s also the issue of excessively dry air, which produces some bothersome effects for health and home.

Thankfully, there are ways to combat these hazards to your indoor air quality. Our HVAC company in Draper, UT offers multiple services for purifying and balancing your air supply. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them at 801-930-5151.

Air Purification

Whole House Air Purification

You’re likely familiar with the common allergy problems and asthmatic flare ups that some families encounter at home. Add potential airborne pathogens, and you can see why so many homeowners look for ways to clean up their air supply. If your family desires a relief from all the grogginess and breathing difficulties produced by these contaminants, consider installing a whole house air purification system. Our technicians would be happy to help you find a system that fits with your budget and functional needs.

Humidity Adjustment

Whole House Humidifier Installation

While many homeowners and businesses think of spiking moisture and soggy weather conditions, humidity plays a key function in protecting your home. When moisture levels drop to low (either because of internal conditions or dry weather), you may start to notice itchy skin or even nose bleeds. Your furniture also suffers during low-moisture periods. Dry air sucks moisture from wood and other sensitive materials, causing them to crack.

While portable humidifiers certainly provide some relief, whole home systems provide moisturizing benefits for the entire household. If your home has struggled with unpleasantly dry air in the past, talk with one of our knowledgeable HVAC techs about finding a solution. Your skin, nose, lungs, furniture, and flooring will thank you!

Dog and Owner Sleep Comfortably

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